Not Just a Fantasy

Even honors kids need something to distract them from homework. I just picked fanfiction

Note: So I might make this a complete story where they actually go to Santa Fe, but for now we have an adorable lambcuddles drabble for a certain birthday girl, write-it-good. So happy birthday, E! This story occurs after Day 27 of the 30 Day Challenge.


Going to Grand Central Station and the buying tickets was the easy part for Katherine. Actually stepping on the platform and getting on that train was a completely different story. But this was for Jack, and Katherine was willing to do anything to make this trip memorable. Even if it meant getting on a train.

I’ll be okay, it’s just a train. And Jack’s coming with me this time. I’m not by myself, this isn’t California. This is Santa Fe. And I’m going to do anything for him, just like he’s done for me the past two years.

“Ace, you okay?” he asked as they were just about to get on.

“Yeah- uh- fine,” she fumbled with her words.

Jack was aware of her fears, but he wasn’t going to make her admit them again. “We’re gonna have a good time, alright? Just you, me, and the clean air of Santa Fe for six straight days. No deadlines or crazy editors. It’s only a few hours away.” He pulled her close and gave her a kiss to the forehead. “You ready?”

She loosened the overly tight grip on her suitcase and took a deep breath, obviously relaxed by his kiss. “Let’s go to Santa Fe,” she sighed, trying to keep herself in this relaxed state.

“Come’n, you can do it,” he encouraged as they walked on the train.

They took to their partially cushioned seat, preparing themselves for the long rides they had ahead. Katherine started fumbling with her hands as an attempt to keep herself calm and anxieties at bay.

Jack took notice and grabbed her hands,” It’s alright, Ace. I promise, I’m right here next to you. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.” He gave a kiss to her temple and whispered, “Sleep, it’ll make ya relax.”

Katherine gave him a skeptical look before snuggling closer, putting her head on his shoulder. Sleep was much better than staring out the window at the quickly moving scenery that only added to her anxiety. “I’ll wake you up when we gotta transfer. Sleep well.”

“I love you, Jack Kelly,” she murmured, eyes closed and breathing calmed.

“Same to you, Katherine Kelly.”